Now that my book “Conduit: The Beginning” is starting to reach some readers, I’m hoping to start some discussion around the many characters in the book.  I’m anxious to hear what character people loved to read about the most.

I will be starting another category for all the characters in Conduit and will start in the order as characters are presented in the story.  First up is Jack Connor.

Jack Connor, an average man, who cares for his family above all else is the kind of person most people would want for a friend.  Dependable, easy-going, hardworking, and kind are all words that describe Jack.  Though Jack tends to want everyone to get along, he isn’t one that can be pushed.  Hurting those he loves is the worst thing you could do, because Jack will not back down from a fight.

Not to give the story away, Jack is a very important character that saves the life of Marcus as a baby, who will grow to be the only hope for humanity through an alien invasion.  Without thinking, Jack puts himself in harms way to save a baby he had never known.

My goal for this character was to show how an ordinary person, everyone can relate to, can rise to take action when necessary and how important they are to our world.  Anyone can rise to be a hero, regardless of their work or history.

Jack hates his job.  It is demeaning to him and he feels deep down that he is meant for more then what he does for work, yet he goes to work everyday because he cares about his family and needs to support his wife and child.

Caught in the usual daily events, Jack’s life takes a sharp turn when an event at a mall occurs and turns Jack from an everyday man into a hero.

1 thought on “Characters in Conduit: The Beginning

  1. In the beginning, Jack reminds me of people I actually know who feel the way he does. His weight concerns him and he knows his wife is right about trying to keep him healthy, but still, he goes for a greasy sandwich at the mall when he knows he should not. I liked him from the first page. He is an unlikely hero, yet one whom you would hope would be there if you were in need of assistance. His character stays true to itself throughout the story and I enjoyed reading each page he was featured in.

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