Continuing the posts on the characters in “Conduit: The Beginning”, Adrianna is next on the list.

Beautiful, feisty, and an incredible shot with a gun, Adrianna, is not a woman to be pushed around. Though she may come across as short tempered, Adrianna is a person one would want around when times are tough.

Wife to Jack Connor, and like Jack, will not tolerate any sort of harm to those she loves. Having grown up in the country, Adrianna has learned how to get by through hard times and with little help.

Sometimes she may appear to be a cold person and slow to accept others, Adrianna loves with all her heart. Emotional and sometimes too quick to judge, people on the outside of her circle may write her off as mean and unyielding.

When the world is turned upside down and catastrophe strikes, Adrianna’s true colors show and she is shown for the beautiful and courageous person that she truly is.

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