Keeping my promise to describe the characters in “Conduit: The Beginning“, the next character is Dwight Zeller.

Close friend to Tim Eddins, Dwight’s personality is quite a contrast to that of Tim’s. Reserved and introverted, Dwight, often finds himself deep in thought to which others around him tend to feel that he is ignoring them. Dwight is a brilliant scientist with a tendency to be too blunt, usually and unknowingly, hurting the feelings of others that do not share his views.

A big critic of religion, Dwight has a long standing argument with Tim, who believes that religion is ultimately a good thing. Dwight’s belief is that religion holds society back from advancing in science. His stance often leads him into arguments with proponents of religion.

Although Dwight may come across as a jerk, deep down he has a want to do good for society, and make others lives better through science.

A tragic event turns Dwight down a path that will put him in the middle of humanity’s struggle for survival, and much like many other characters in “Conduit: The Beginning”, Dwight is a hero in his own way.

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