As I mentioned in my previous post, “Conduit: The Beginning”, while there are many good people in the story, it has its share of evil people as well.

Rick Marnell, is a troubled young man, and like Joe, has had bad childhood experiences. Starting at eight years old, Rick begins a downward spiral and is not happy unless he is surrounded by death and blood.

I enjoyed writing about Rick. I know; that sounds odd based on what I just wrote above. Rick is interesting character because I wanted to show Rick as a person that has an incredible dark side to him, but what he does, he does because he feels it is necessary.

Because of his history of being raised with an abusive and alcoholic father, Rick cannot tolerate evil people or people that he believes to be at fault in some way. As a result, he takes matters into his own hands, which, usually ends up with someone’s demise.

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