With the many good people in “Conduit: The Beginning”, there are quite a few evil characters as well. Joseph Baxter is a very evil person who enjoys seeing others suffrage.

Like many bad people, much of their behavior can be traced back to their childhood or events that took place in their pasts.

Joe is the son of Reverend Baxter who has an extreme dark side to which Joe is exposed to as a child and is forced to accept. Not only does he not receive any parental support from his father, but his mother, Belinda, is an abusive woman who only cares about her wealth and status in the community.

Joe is expected to take his fathers side and carry on his legacy to which Joe wants more then anything else. He grows to enjoy his family’s fame and wealth, all the while keeping his family’s dark secrets hidden from the community.

When I think of Joe as a personality, I think of these words: charismatic, smart, handsome, and a pillar of the community. Yet underneath the surface is where his true character is, and it’s not anything close to what his exterior shows. Joe has a dark story to tell and it’s only begun.

Keeping my promise to describe the characters in “Conduit: The Beginning“, the next character is Dwight Zeller.

Close friend to Tim Eddins, Dwight’s personality is quite a contrast to that of Tim’s. Reserved and introverted, Dwight, often finds himself deep in thought to which others around him tend to feel that he is ignoring them. Dwight is a brilliant scientist with a tendency to be too blunt, usually and unknowingly, hurting the feelings of others that do not share his views.

A big critic of religion, Dwight has a long standing argument with Tim, who believes that religion is ultimately a good thing. Dwight’s belief is that religion holds society back from advancing in science. His stance often leads him into arguments with proponents of religion.

Although Dwight may come across as a jerk, deep down he has a want to do good for society, and make others lives better through science.

A tragic event turns Dwight down a path that will put him in the middle of humanity’s struggle for survival, and much like many other characters in “Conduit: The Beginning”, Dwight is a hero in his own way.

Continuing with the topic for the characters in “Conduit: The Beginning”, next on the list is, Tim Eddins.

A bit cocky, handsome, and rich, Tim Eddins, is a wealthy and well known surgeon. Though he may come across as egotistical, Tim is ultimately a good human being who truly wants to help others.

When I thought about Tim as a character in “Conduit”, I wanted to show that even people we meet that we tend to write off for one reason or another because of some flaw that we see in their personality can turn out to be a good person.

Without Tim, little hope would be left for humankind. Because of his abilities and drive to help those in need of medical care, his actions will play an important role in the Conduit storyline.

Tim, unlike his friend, Dwight Zellar, holds a belief in God and solidifies his belief by the miracles that he sees from his own experiences in the medical field. If one wrote Tim off as a shallow human being, they would never see the deeper side of him. He loves life and has a longstanding argument with his friend about religion.

I never realized how hard this would be to write about all the characters in my story without giving everything away! I hope I haven’t said too much already.