Swamped as usual – not enough time in a day to get everything done, I have been actively working on my site. Going against sound advice as usual, all because I like to be in control of all aspects of my writing – I am working on my soon to be open web store which has become incredibly time consuming.

Why would I be insane enough to do this you might ask? Partly due to the fact that I am slightly insane, but mostly because I love technology and always want to learn more about it. Also, I have always wanted to offer PDF versions of my work. Granted the market for PDF documents might be smaller, but I want my work to be available to all, regardless of what reader they use or if they even have one. Another big reason is that by offering my products through my website, it makes it that much more convenient for readers to obtain my work.

I’m also going to be dabbling with a new method of offering my books. Today, people are incredibly strapped for time. I’ve decided that by providing multiple version of my work, it allows for even more flexibility. I will be splitting my novel into smaller versions. A reader will be able to either purchase the full novel for the full price or they may purchase the split versions as they complete the story for a fraction of the cost. This means that a good portion of the story is available for sampling without having to pay the cost of an entire book.

I’ll be starting with PDF for now and working my way to add other formats as time allows.

So stay tuned – updates are coming soon!