I know, I’ve been neglecting my blog for some time now.  I have been very busy on “The Choice” for quite some time now.  I’ve gone through countless edits and revisions.  I’m happy to say, that I’m very close to finalizing the story.  I wrapped up much of the formatting of the ebook for the Kindle and have uploaded a version to my own Kindle for a review.

I am very excited about this story.  It is a fast moving book and is full of twists and turns.

This is what I’ve completed to date:

  1. First Draft – DONE
  2. First Edit – DONE
  3. Second Edit – DONE
  4. Third Edit – DONE
  5. Identify artist for cover art – DONE
  6. Format ebook for Kindle – DONE

This is what is left:

  1. Finalize artwork with cover artist
  2. Formulate final release plan

As you can see, I’m almost there!

Thank you to all who have been waiting patiently for my next work.  It has been a long haul for me.  My wife and I have welcomed another beautiful baby girl into our lives this past year.  I’ve been working many hours in my day job.  Long story short, little time is left in the day for much else. Yup, I’m whining and I’ll stop.

In the near future, I’ll be posting the cover art.