From the Desk of James Alexander – Issue 14


As summer continues, all I can think about is how fast it is flying by. Soon I’ll be ramping up for fall and all the fun that comes along with getting the kids ready for their school to begin.

For this issue, here is another set of scifi, mystery, or suspense books. These are all free and a great way to find another favorite author: Free Books. I have one picked for review which I’ll include in my next issue.

Amazon Vella is now live and I have posted my first ten chapters of the next book in the Conduit series (The Surge) which is available to read today: Conduit: The Surge.

This is an action packed story and picks right up from where the first book left off. The first three chapters are free.


New Facebook Group

For those that love to talk about sci-fi books or fantasy of the darker nature, I have established a new group. Please stop by and join the group: dark science fiction and fantasy .

Conduit Update

Conduit: The Beginning
Available now on Amazon in both ebook and print!

Conduit: The Surge (Book 2)
Available now on Vella! Ten chapters are available for reading: Conduit: The Surge.

The Choice

The Choice : Available in all formats on Amazon, and now many other retailers including Barnes & Noble.

Future Work

New Young Adult Series: Planning.

Beautiful People Revisions: In Queue.

Conduit: The Surge

While the second book in the Conduit series is available now on Kindle Vella in serial format, a full book version is planned for May, 2022 and is available for pre-order today!