Novel News

I am excited to announce that I’ve finished a rough first draft of my next novel. I have yet to come up with a title – so yes, it’s still quite early. It has been particularly hard to complete due to being pulled in too many directions and letting it sit too long. I’m one that once I start a project, I need to keep going until it’s finished without too much time getting in between breaks.

I started this novel last spring, shortly after I released my first book, “Conduit: The Beginning”. Somehow, I got pulled away and other life activities kept me from getting back to finishing the work I started. So, to me this is big news. I am excited at wrapping this story up – though I have the hardest phase ahead of me – editing.

As much as I dread the editing process, I’m excited to go back to the beginning and clean the story up. I think this novel will be an exciting one that will be worth the wait.

Keep posted for more information on my latest project!