“James Alexander does an excellent job of depicting Marc’s changing life, his uncertain progression through childhood into an adulthood that itself suffers a sea change, and the motivations and psychology of characters around him, who also evolve in different directions as they age.

Tension is well done and the story’s unexpected progression places it above and beyond most (too-predictable) alien invasion scenarios.

The result is a sci-fi read covering the ends of some worlds and the beginnings of others. Conduit: The Beginning‘s ability to draw readers with a fine anti-hero flawed by his own mystery and uncertainties, yet able to step up to an unbelievable role, creates a read that’s hard to put down.” – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Rating 3 out of 5 stars

Thomas Zman’s “From Whence They Came”, a second installment of a series, is a new take on the alien sci/fi topic. Aliens have lived with us since the beginning of time, deep underground. Lieutenant Steve Coleman, an air force pilot, is abducted and enslaved to learn the ways of the Neuphobes, an advanced alien race.

I was excited to read this book as I love a good alien story. The book started well and I was engaged at the start. As I read further, the author turned the story into more of a philosophical route which the main character battles internal demons and realizes his life of sin. He ultimately turns away from searching for an escape to reconnect with his family to instead form a new family in the alien created world under the surface of the ocean.

I can see the draw this book may have for those with aliens and their connections to God. I, myself, prefer the good old aliens come and demolish everyone or we kick their behinds back to their own planet kind of story – this wasn’t it.

Writing was good and for those that want a very philosophical and religious focus, this is the story for them.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Margret A. Treiber’s Sleepy Time for Captain Eris was an interesting take on superheroes. Set in the future, Captain Eris is the result of genetic modification. Her power is the ability to come back from death and in part of doing so, inherits different abilities to protect her from what killed her in the first place.

Unlike traditional super hero stories, Sleepy Time for Captain Eris is no campy story. There is a good amount of blood, gore, and violence. While others may be offended by this, I think there are necessary components to help tell the story and move it forward. I appreciate the author not detracting from the story she wants to tell for fear of bothering others appetites for watered down material.

Set as first person, much of the story is filled with sassy dialogue and the characters picking on each other. While I found the interactions fun, at times I felt like I wanted more detail in the story. There seems to be a fine line of too much detail or too little. In this story’s case, I felt it bordered on the too little detail category.

All in all, I think this was a fun read and I hope the author continues delving into Captain Eris’ adventures!