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Margret A. Treiber’s Sleepy Time for Captain Eris was an interesting take on superheroes. Set in the future, Captain Eris is the result of genetic modification. Her power is the ability to come back from death and in part of doing so, inherits different abilities to protect her from what killed her in the first place.

Unlike traditional super hero stories, Sleepy Time for Captain Eris is no campy story. There is a good amount of blood, gore, and violence. While others may be offended by this, I think there are necessary components to help tell the story and move it forward. I appreciate the author not detracting from the story she wants to tell for fear of bothering others appetites for watered down material.

Set as first person, much of the story is filled with sassy dialogue and the characters picking on each other. While I found the interactions fun, at times I felt like I wanted more detail in the story. There seems to be a fine line of too much detail or too little. In this story’s case, I felt it bordered on the too little detail category.

All in all, I think this was a fun read and I hope the author continues delving into Captain Eris’ adventures!

Rating: 4 out of 5
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Mark Ferguson’s Terra Incognita is a complex book. There are many complicated ideas that the author put to words. At times, I had to double back and re-read sections – not because it was poorly written, but because the concept was hard to comprehend. The author does a fantastic job with the amount of detail included. Those who are less interested in detail may find the book hard to read, however for people who enjoy the additional level of information in their stories will love the author’s writing style.

There are a lot of alien races, each with their own unique abilities and the author provides a good level of world building to give each race substance. I applaud the author for the amount of thought and planning to bring this story together.

This story is not my personal flavor of reading, however I did find it interesting and could see where this would appeal to heavy science fiction readers who love detail and extensive world building.

Quirky Characters, a love story, and the clash between Jared and his evil counterpart, J-Rock, in an alternate dimension, are skillfully woven together to make The Choice an enjoyable read. The commitment between Jared and Kate provides a strong contrast to the evil of J-Rock’s world. The story is fast paced, with good transitions as it moves between Jared and J-Rock’s realities. The climatic ending wraps the story up nicely but keeps the reader wondering if there might be more to come. Although readers of many different genres would find something to like in The Choice, it is recommended for community library science fiction/ fantasy collections. Fun read!

Anne King

Review posted on Midwest Book Review

September 2018 Issue