In my last post, I wrote about how it helps for a new author to look for the positive message, if any, hidden in a rejection then to focus solely on the fact that their work had been rejected by an agent or publisher. The truth is though that it can get to be draining when all that seems to come of one’s hard work are negative responses. Not only through whomever work is submitted to but also through feedback from test readers. It is a never ending onslaught of different opinions, comments, and there is always that hidden thought that keeps getting pushed away that perhaps the story is not good enough. So what keeps a newbie author motivated?


No, but beer does help. There is one thing that helps me the most, much more then beer ever could. I know it won’t sound like rocket science, but if one is planning on getting their story out there, they will need support. Whether it is from friends or family it really doesn’t matter so long as there is someone to lean on.

When it all seems pointless, sometimes all that is needed is a nudge to help one to realize what they have accomplished so far and that they have done something many other people out there have tried and gave up or gave up before they even started.

Many successful writers give advice not to seek feedback from their families or friends. I think that’s a bunch of hogwash. Sure, they may be biased, but given what an author faces – especially a new and unpublished author, any ally to offer their support is a huge benefit. I know that without the support of my family and friends that I have shared my endeavor with have kept me going in the hard times. When I find myself at my wit’s end with it all and want to give up, they are there to give me the nudge I need.

I’m sure there are those that think they can “go it alone” and maybe they can. I for one am glad I have the support I have. So thank you to everyone that shares my dream of turning my story into a success.

2 thoughts on “My #1 Tip for the Newbie Author

  1. Support is definitely very important, no matter what you do and where you go… It’s so hard to keep getting rejections and have nobody to vent to, to lean on when everything else seems to be falling apart… Don’t ever feel lonely though, we will stand by you “in sickness and in health” :)) As always, I wish you all the luck!!

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