I have been away from my blog for some time as I’ve been busy trying to get my second promotion off the ground.  If you have followed my book at all on Amazon, you may already know what a success it was.  Obviously, planning is a very important part of the process.

A month ahead of my promotion, I broadcasted the dates that I would be holding the free drive of my book, “Conduit: The Beginning” with the hope that some other sites might pick it up.

During the morning of the first day of the promotion, no one had listed my story.  By 10:00, I had given away around 150 copies.  Shortly after, the numbers doubled.  I realized then that someone had listed my giveaway.

By evening, I had surpassed my first giveaway by 3000 copies!  I was excited beyond words that so many people had downloaded my story.

My story ended up snagging the top 100 list for all free kindle books.  I can’t find words to explain how excited I am at achieving that ranking.  The total number of downloads for my two day promotion totaled to 5980!  The second day closed a truly exciting week for me.

Top 100 Best Sellers:

As always, I really hope those that downloaded my story find it to be an enjoyable read.  I look forward to seeing what reviews come in.  It is an extreme motivator for me to hear about someone who enjoyed my work.

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