I’m very excited to announce that I’m working on creating an audio book version of my latest work, The Choice.

I have never completed an audio book before. I have listened to many and love to listen to a fun book on my drives to work. I’m always impressed at how professional narrators are able to keep listeners engaged and the amount of talent one must have to add another layer of excitement to a novel.

I pondered the idea of an audio book before, but always decided it was too difficult to accomplish. I pictured myself trying to record my own voice – believe me, no one wants that! Luckily, the process has become incredibly easy to understand.

Finding a narrator was a simple process at acx.com, a website operated by Audible. I did not sign up to list my completed work exclusively with Audible, so my audio book will be available at more retailers.

At this time, I’ve heard a twenty minute sample of the book to ensure it was recording as expected. I was blown away by what I heard! I’ve read my story countless times through countless revisions. Hearing the words I’ve read time and time again was a completely new experience – as if my story was new to me. I can’t wait to get the final product which should be ready in mid-October!

Keep watch, I’ll be posting more on this soon!

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